Lately in the Xenaverse there has been a couple of cases where people are breaking the rules of other sites. To be clearer, the latest case is people stealing whole galleries and claiming them as there own. Although many of the large well-known websites allow you to use the pictures on their site, say like for a title or a banner or decoration, but it's an insult that some would steal such a large amount of there quality work and then call it their own. It's just rude, no getting around it. These are not real fans, they are, indeed, FRAUDS.

This site's sole purpose is to:

1.Show Xenites' dissaproval of frauds and stealing

2. Create an awareness of the situation presented

3. Present the Frauds as what they really are...frauds.

Make sense?


Visit the Xenites Against Frauds Discussion Group-Coming Soon!

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